Things You Can Talk About with Your Escort

By | May 9, 2020

Have you ever been with a London escort? If not, you are in for a treat. London escorts strive to make their clients comfortable and happy, and a part of that process involves a chit chat to avoid making the meeting awkward. To make the dialogue fun and engaging, the topics should be universal and entertaining. Some of the issues you can dialogue with a London escort:

1. Likes and dislikes about sex

For clients who are not shy, sex is a great topic that can facilitate bonding and understanding. When discussing sex, you can include what you have experimented, the acts you do not prefer, and probably what you might want to try. When you know your sex partner, it is easy to please them by avoiding the things he/she does not like, asking the right questions and ensuring they get maximum pleasure during and after sex.

2. Favorites

You can discuss preferences ranging from foods to banks, colors, seasons, vacation destinations, etc. Your imagination will determine the extent of your questions. The main objective of discussing favorites is to decide whether or not you have things in common and what they like. You do not have to be shady or try to hide details. Remember, honesty is the key to having great sex and creating memories. Therefore, try as much as possible to know your partner’s favorites while sharing yours.

3. Sports

If you like games, you can discuss sports with your London escort. She does not have to be an avid team follower, but a few details or a little knowledge about sports can do magic. Most men like sports, and they have a favorite game or a professional athlete. If you find an escort who is comfortable discussing any sport or understands the sport, you can spend some time trying to argue or share some facts, ideas, or even argue!

4. Hobbies

We all have hobbies, and if you are not willing to share your details, there is no need to go down this road. You must be willing to share your hobbies because you expect your partner to do the same. If anyone of you has a ‘silly’ hobby, you do not have to talk ill about it or laugh at the hobby. Being supportive goes a long way in showing love and respect to one another.

Finally, discussing current issues is also a great way to start a dialogue. Most people own TVs; thus, they follow current trends, and when you raise a topic on sports, politics, business, etc., you have a high chance of getting into a dialogue.

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